Tuesday, February 17, 2009

God help us!

Last week....
Hurry, hurry, hurry...must sign, must sign now, hurry, no time to wait, hurry, hurry, no time to think.  Hurry, quick, quick, must sign, no time to read. Hurry, before more Americans know what we're doing. 
Congressman, Senators....hurry, hurry, no time to waste.  Don't read  emails, don't answer your phones, don't listen to those bible-reading, gun-clinging patriot fools you represent, no, must hurry, quick you've gotta sign this bill.  Quick, quick must sign before Friday, hurry friday is coming, don't read, don't think, we need to change America, quick sign, sign, sign.  America is in danger, must sign to save the country.  Quick, hurry, sign!  Stop everything, hurry, I don't care if your own mother died, leave, hurry, come and sign!!!

A few of our elected officials stood against this awful bill.  I am proud that Nevada has one good senator...John Ensign who bravely spoke out publicly against it.  But not enough did, they quickly and blindly did as Obama told them to do, and they signed.

This week.....
Now the urgency is gone.  No need to hurry now.  No need to rush.  All is well. Obama goes on a weekend vacation, wants to play a little basketball with the homies, isn't that nice!?!  No rush, I'll sign it later.   Let's wait 'til Tuesday.  Better yet, let's have the tax payers pay for us to fly to Denver and then I'll sign it.  

Yep, change is on the way.