Tuesday, February 17, 2009

God help us!

Last week....
Hurry, hurry, hurry...must sign, must sign now, hurry, no time to wait, hurry, hurry, no time to think.  Hurry, quick, quick, must sign, no time to read. Hurry, before more Americans know what we're doing. 
Congressman, Senators....hurry, hurry, no time to waste.  Don't read  emails, don't answer your phones, don't listen to those bible-reading, gun-clinging patriot fools you represent, no, must hurry, quick you've gotta sign this bill.  Quick, quick must sign before Friday, hurry friday is coming, don't read, don't think, we need to change America, quick sign, sign, sign.  America is in danger, must sign to save the country.  Quick, hurry, sign!  Stop everything, hurry, I don't care if your own mother died, leave, hurry, come and sign!!!

A few of our elected officials stood against this awful bill.  I am proud that Nevada has one good senator...John Ensign who bravely spoke out publicly against it.  But not enough did, they quickly and blindly did as Obama told them to do, and they signed.

This week.....
Now the urgency is gone.  No need to hurry now.  No need to rush.  All is well. Obama goes on a weekend vacation, wants to play a little basketball with the homies, isn't that nice!?!  No rush, I'll sign it later.   Let's wait 'til Tuesday.  Better yet, let's have the tax payers pay for us to fly to Denver and then I'll sign it.  

Yep, change is on the way.  

Saturday, February 7, 2009


February 5th was our wedding anniversary.  As part of our celebration, we bought the newly release DVD of Fireproof.  We didn't have the time to watch it on the 5th, so we watched it last night.  It was very good!  As for it's "Tissue-rating" it was 5 for me and 2 for Gary!
It is the story of a young couple with struggles in their marriage and how they were able to save it.   I highly recommend it to everyone!  Another amazing part of this movie, is that even though it is a well acted, with professional filming, music, etc.  it was all done with volunteers and only 30 days of filming.  I can't remember what the budget was (I saw an interview of the producers on TV) but it is just a 'drop in the bucket' of what most Hollywood movies are.
Here is the trailer for it...check it out!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The weekend of January 10th, Joseph, Erin and children made a quick trip to Henderson.  Erin's brother was in town before moving out of state, and they decided to have Abby's blessing here so he could be a part of it.  It was a brief trip, but such a joy to see them.  Little Abby had changed quite a bit since I  saw her in November right after she was born.  What a beautiful baby she is!  It was a real treat to see all their children and to have all my grandkids together!  The hard part is having to say good-bye again.  I really miss them.

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Monday, February 2, 2009


I do not know how I got the cutest grandkids in the entire world...but I did, all 8 of them!

This is my youngest grandson...he's a real heart stealer!  He was doing some serious dancing, unfortunately he got a bit distracted when I got the camera out.