Saturday, February 7, 2009


February 5th was our wedding anniversary.  As part of our celebration, we bought the newly release DVD of Fireproof.  We didn't have the time to watch it on the 5th, so we watched it last night.  It was very good!  As for it's "Tissue-rating" it was 5 for me and 2 for Gary!
It is the story of a young couple with struggles in their marriage and how they were able to save it.   I highly recommend it to everyone!  Another amazing part of this movie, is that even though it is a well acted, with professional filming, music, etc.  it was all done with volunteers and only 30 days of filming.  I can't remember what the budget was (I saw an interview of the producers on TV) but it is just a 'drop in the bucket' of what most Hollywood movies are.
Here is the trailer for it...check it out!