Sunday, March 1, 2009

Special Family Time!

As I get older, I have come to realize that the most cherish thing I have in this life is my family.  Not that I didn't love and appreciate them when I was younger, but it's a different, maybe deeper kind of appreciate and gratitude for these wonderful people that are my family.  I feel so  blessed to have such great kids, wonderful daughter-in-laws, absolutely perfect grandkids, good parents & siblings, and a loving husband to share my life with! 
Last weekend my son Joseph and his family came down from Salt Lake City to spend a week here in Henderson.  My oldest granddaughter, Emily, was baptized and they made the trip down here to share in her special day.  
We had a family dinner at my house on Tuesday.  All 5 of my children, my 2 daughter-in-laws, all 8 grandchildren, and my parents where here for dinner.  It's not often I get to have all together like that.  It was a houseful, but I enjoyed it so very much!  What a wonderful blessing they all are to me!
Here are some pictures...