Sunday, April 19, 2009

My daughter

I would like to dedicate this post to my daughter, Rachel.

God, in his great wisdom, choose to give me four (great) sons, but only one daughter.  But what a fabulous daughter he choose for me!
I am feeling especially proud of her this weekend, because she has had a big achievement.  She started running a few months ago, and yesterday she ran her first half marathon in Salt Lake City.  That's 13 miles!  I can't  imagine running 13 miles!  I get worn out just walking from one end of the mall to the other!  She has been working out and doing runs of various lengths around town to get herself in shape, and it's paid off!   I am so impressed that she set for herself a goal and worked hard to accomplish it!  

This weekend was great, but there are many things I admire about her...
  • Intellect.  She is such a fast learner, what takes me multiple attempts to learn, she picks up almost instantly.  She can comprehend, analyse, and resolve problems faster and more effectively than most people can.  After all, she could say the alphabet by 16 months!
  • Wit.  Years ago friends use to tell Rachel that she was as funny as Rosie O'Donnell.  Years ago that was a compliment.  Rosie is very witty and funny, which Rachel is equally talented, but thankfully Rachel is normal and as already stated, smart, and also moral...and Rosie not so much.  Rachel can certainly make you laugh, but even more than that...she is just very clever with words.  
  • Confident.  You have to really know her well to detect any insecurities or fears.  We all have them...of course.  But Rachel has an ability to manage those feelings so that they do not keep her from being all that she can be.  
  • Determination.  She knows what she wants, and once she has made a decison to do something, she goes after it with complete focus and discipline.   She has been through some very difficult times, and has had to face challenges and obstacles that few of us have gone through.  She has allowed the tough times of life to make her stronger, not to weaken her with anger or bitterness.
  • Devotion.  She has great love for her Heavenly Father & Savior, her family and her friends.  She has been hurt and deeply disappointed, but has shown acceptance of what she could not change, and forgiveness for other's mistakes.  She is a fabulous (and very cool) aunt, a great sister, and I know one day she will be an amazing mother.
  • And last but not least...Beauty.  She has always been a very beautiful person, even in the delivery room, I remember the nurse fussing over how pretty she was.  I think she somehow inherited each attractive physical feature from both sides of her dad and my families!  
Every year I am more in awe of the inner and outer beauty and goodness of this child of mine. inspire me!
I love you...